What If My Credit Rating is Poor or Nonexistent?

If your credit history isn't the best, there's no need to panic. We have significant experience securing loans for customers who inhabit all different points of the credit spectrum. Whether you're a prime credit customer or require a deep subprime loan, we can let you know exactly where you stand, and let you know exactly what your options are. We also offer a Bucks County buy here pay here service which allows customers to pay the dealership directly – no dealing with credit ratings or lending agencies. Our goal is to achieve simplicity, to never make things more complex and they need to be. We know that your life is complicated enough as it is, and we don't want to add to it. We make it a point to give you a variety of avenues of approach, to include a virtual showroom operated by World Auto Sales. You may find that a third-party loan offers the best terms, and you may find that our buy here pay here service is the best option available. Whatever that your choice may be, we will make sure that you’re aware of all of your potential selections.

Do You Offer Referrals for New Customers?

Yes, we do offer referrals — we value our customers and particularly appreciate it when they pass on the good word about our premium Bucks County buy here pay here service. We've made it a point to commend our repeat customers and their friends by offering cash bonuses. If you refer between one and four friends to our service, we will give you $200 cash for every purchase made. If you refer between five and nine friends and family, the reward goes up to $300 cash for each purchase. For the most dedicated, a reward of $500 cash per car purchase is available when you refer 10 or more friends and family. It's just another way of thanking you for helping us become the leaders in the industry, the best used car dealer in the Delaware Valley. We appreciate you, and we want to show it. If you have a referral, give us a call at (215) 800-0192.

What If I’m Experiencing Bankruptcy?

If you have recently experienced personal bankruptcy and are unable to secure credit from conventional lenders, our buy here pay here service may be your best option. If you have a job and can prove income, we can work with you – one way or another. We will assess all of the information available to configure a loan package that suits your budget and requirements. Instead of securing financing from a third party, our professionals make an assessment and subsequently offer you a car deal you can afford. It's the same as a third-party loan, except you'll pay us – the same professionals who assist you in your search for the best used cars in Bucks County. It couldn't be easier, and it couldn't be more personalized — which is why we like to think of our customers as family. Bankruptcy doesn't have to mean the end of anything, and it certainly doesn't prevent you from getting a used car, just so long as you let our service professionals help you find the buy here pay here vehicle you need.

What if I Work Irregular Hours and Can’t Visit the Lot?

We constantly update our online showroom to be able to include newly acquired vehicles. We also want to give customers the opportunity to search by make and model, by color and year, to determine exactly what it is that they require. Once identified, we can assist you in scheduling a test drive, and begin the assessment of your credit and other financial concerns in order to fund your purchase. One of the benefits of this service is that it's not confined to business hours – you can search our inventory at anytime, anyplace, from any location on the planet. You'll be able to identify exactly what it is that you need, and match that with our showroom stock to satisfy the requirements of your busy schedule. We stay flexible so that you don't have to be, and we offer numerous resources to begin your car search and loan application online — minimizing the time you have to spend inside an office, maximizing your choices and resources. You can select a car, secure financing, value your trade-in, and conduct all other business requirements online. It's why we're widely known as Bucks County's finest used car dealers.

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