When dealing solely with third-party lenders, the decision is out of our hands and yours. No matter how much information we put forth, there’s only one way to know what they’re willing to lend — and that’s a decision-making process they keep secret. For some customers, third-party lending is easier; for others, a buy here pay here service might provide financing where others won’t. And in that regard, our Bucks County PA buy here pay here is the most flexible and understanding of all auto finance lenders. We’ll make our own assessment of your finances and creditworthiness, and where other lenders might decline, we’ll do our best to make sure you can get the exact car you want. Take a look at our online showroom and examine the buy here pay here application — it’s all easy and available on the web.


Third-party lenders often require pay stubs and tax forms to confirm income, but we understand that your financial situation may not fit into so neat a box. Many customers work in cash-heavy jobs with low hourly wages, like restaurant wait staff, bartenders, or security personnel. In the event that tax documents are not available, we’ll help you ascertain your income through items like bank statements, deposit histories, letters of employment, and other methods with which to confirm that you’re deserving of a loan. The longer you’ve been at your job, the better — and we offer extremely low down payments that are more competitive than anywhere else. It’s an easy process that can begin as soon as you give us a call at (215) 800-0192 — we’ve helped hundreds of Bucks County PA drivers through our buy here pay here service, and we want to help you, too.


If you’ve found the car you desire but don’t have the ability to substantiate employment or income, we can probably make it work regardless. We accept loan guarantors from family members or partners, and our buy here pay here service is the most flexible and accommodating in all of Bucks County PA and the Delaware Valley region. We’ll talk it over with you, examining all of the facts and figures, and give you a loan decision that takes into account everything that matters. We’re proud to have accomplished so many used car success stories with our buy here pay here service, and we want you to acquire the car of your choosing just as badly as you do. Our website contains all the details and even allows you to begin your application online. We want you to know how much we appreciate your business — and to that end, we make it as easy as we can.


Our buy here pay here service makes car payments simple — you pay us instead of a third party, and we work with you to make sure you’re able to meet the requirements. Another way that we make it easy can be seen in our down payment system. If you have good credit, your down payment can be as low as $495 on a high quality, certified pre-owned vehicle. We’ll assess all of your information and calculate an optimized monthly payment, and the end result is that you get the car you want with an obligation you can afford. No one works harder to find solutions, and no other dealer in Bucks County PA can offer you the flexibility of our buy here pay here service. We strive to answer all your questions and get you the information you need. We’ve made a name for ourselves, but it’s not idle boasting — it’s the result of our satisfied customers spreading the word. Our goal is to make you see just how easy and flexible a used car buying experience can be. Visit us today to see just how low your down payment will be.